Josh's Stories About Airstreams


Stories about other airstreams people own…

  1. One couple lives in Houston, but has a second home (trailer) in Marfa… Obviously an airstream.
  2. One owns a 1953 and had no idea THIS could be done.
  3. A lady and deceased husband traveled all over US until he passed last year. She will not travel anymore, but wants to redo her AS which created her best memories.
  4. A gentleman bought a new one, customized it, and for the past 8 months has lived in it vs. his home in Houston. He wants me to join his exclusive AS club.

Cool people, best conversations, and appreciating life in the simplest way.

Just bought a beautiful pregnant lady a tea at Whole foods, sent her to Kuhl Linscomb to buy ADDITIONAL Peacock Alley bedding (love all these customers who love pa), am finally eating lunch (possibly why I'm so skinny!), and am enjoying a frosted Stella with a chocolate chip icing'd sandwich. I love doing what I do!!!

Josh enjoys spending time on the road and meeting new people thanks to the Peacock Alley Airstream!

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