Men At Work: CFO

Paul Hamilton's most romantic evening is laughing with & watching my wife enjoy a meal I cooked for her

Name: Paul Hamilton

Years with Peacock Alley: 19

Hobbies or Interests: Soccer

Favorite Peacock Alley Product & Why: Soprano white – simple, clean

Favorite Charity & Why: Children’s Place, support for the SIDS Foundation

How Do You Relax: Drinking a Carlsberg while building a fire in my fire pit – it is the South African thing to do

Most Romantic Evening: Laughing with and watching my wife enjoy a meal I cooked for her

Any Bedtime Ritual: Breathe

Sleeper Profile: Seasonal cuddler

Ultimate Shower item: Concentrated shower head with strong water pressure

Can’t Live Without: Fire and running

Favorite Social Networks: LinkedIn and FEI

How do You Unplug: Playing with my son and running

What is Your Legacy in the company: To be well regarded

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