Peacock Alley Launches Two New Series on Instagram Live


This Spring, Peacock Aley has launched two new series featured on Instagram TV; A Beducation and At Home with Peacock Alley. Both are streamed on Instagram Live via Stories and can be viewed on Instagram TV. 

With the cancellation of markets this past Spring, Peacock Alley heard the call of customers asking for "what's new" and decided to take "market" straight to its customers. Using Instagram Live, Peacock Alley's A Beducation, airs a brief review of one or two new products each week. The broadcasts last for about 15 minutes and air Tuesdays at 12pm CST. This is a great opportunity to not only learn about new products but ask questions and hear some expert tips and tricks along the way.

"A Beducation" gives our viewers information about what's NEW at Peacock Alley.

 At Home with Peacock Alley began in April of this year as a way of connecting with designers and friends in the industry. When we started to miss our friends in the Design world, we imagined that others were feeling the same. "It's all about keeping connected and sharing ideas with one another." says Katherine Nicholson. So, in order to bring some comfort, inspiration, and laughter into your home, we asked designers and experts in the fields to join us from their homes. To date, we have featured  Michel Smith Boyd (pictured below), Chad James, Denise McGaha, Meredith Ellis, Kimberly Sundt and upcoming will be Jean Liu. Stay tuned for more conversations, reflections, and laughter with At Home!

At Home dates typically air on a Thursday or Friday and are published in advance on Facebook as well as Instagram Stories.

Michel Smith Boyd and Katherine Nicholson




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