Peeps at the Farm


The Peacock Alley family farm ~ a place of escape and inner peace that reveals a story of tradition, heritage and family. Originally purchased in 1980 as a raw piece of land by Mary Ella and Ray Gabler to build their vision for family respite, Mary Ella’s two sons Jason and Josh Needleman spent much of their childhood building the farm and crafting it to become what it is today.

Now Jason and Josh get to see their children experience the same joy here as they did.

Take a peek at last Sunday's farm house fun. Grandchildren and friends spent the afternoon dyeing eggs, four wheeling and enjoying time with each other.

A little girl dying a pink Easter egg A group of children dying Easter eggs Kids having fun dying eggs, and the some of the finished designs Girls laughing and having fun while dying eggs Two boys on an ATV


  • Wonderful! Meredith????

    Mary Ella Bitzer
  • These lovely photos where taken by Meredith


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