Q&A with the creative minds behind Peacock Alley's newest collection: Modern Heirloom


So many elements go into designing a beautiful and classic collection. Discover how the creators of this collection- Leslie Eades, Manuel Daboub and Linda Gruntorad found their inspiration to create and develop Modern Heirloom.

Leslie Eades, Manuel Daboub and Linda Gruntorad, the creative minds behind Peacock Alley's Modern Heirloom collection

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received?

Linda: “Welcome the task that makes you go beyond yourself”

Manuel: Shortly after I joined Peacock Alley, Mary Ella said to me: You will make mistakes… learn from them and move on

Leslie: It’s never wrong to do the right thing.

All white bed in a country-chic home

What has been the most rewarding part of creating this collection?

Linda: Seeing this come to life through collaborative efforts – from the first mention of an idea that included the word “heirloom” to the development, marketing and ultimately the positive reaction in the marketplace.

Manuel: Seeing it evolve from just a concept in our minds to a full collection that is becoming very important to our brand and represents well what Peacock Alley is all about: classic luxury

Leslie: This was a true team effort, as is all of our development. Seeing this collection come to life and seeing peoples’ reactions has been very rewarding for everyone. The product traits that Peacock Alley is known for really come to life in this collection…when someone looks at the collection, they can’t help but touch it.

Eyelet lace sheeting pictured with seersucker-look shams and honeycomb design blanket

What and/or who inspires you right now?

Linda: I am inspired by people and it could be anyone who “Never give up.” From famous to everyday people, there are countless stories that amaze me, remind me to be grateful and allow me to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Manuel: For me, ideas and inspiration come from everywhere. I believe a creative mind will always notice things that other people may never do

Leslie: I’m inspired by Indie designers—so much heart and soul goes into their designs. The result is a story that gives meaning to their creation and that much more value to their craft

Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?

Linda: For me, ideas and inspiration are intangible and part of an ongoing process. They can come from something you experience, sparks from another idea or inspiration or out of necessity. They are catalysts for further study and collaboration…it’s a good day when they are put into action and ultimately evolve to a new product.

Manuel: From magazines, internet, trade shows to observing world events and how they affect the way we live

Leslie: I’m a tactile person and like to experience things in the 3-D world. My go-tos are: high end fashion and small brand clothing lines, flea markets, open houses, new or off-the-beaten path retail concepts, movie sets and restaurant designs, trade shows—and, when I can, NY/LONDON/PARIS.

Model wearing white button down night shirt in front of a greenhouse

What is your favorite product from this collection and why?

Linda: Lizbeth duvet covers and shams. It is highly textural but lightweight. It is also great layering piece that mixes well with classic, contemporary and modern designs.

Manuel: Cadence sheets and fashion. Classic design that appeals to classic and traditional lifestyles as well as eclectic design style

Leslie: The Lizbeth duvet and shams because of style versatility, texture, and weight. We call it an ‘updated seersucker’ because it has that freshness and textural punch. It’s a classic that can go modern or traditional, it can layer with ‘casual’ or ‘well dressed.’

Hands of the designers examining Mirabelle Pillow and Throw

Is there an inspiration or idea behind the names of the various products in this collection?

Linda: Classic girl names that are relevant today.

Manuel: Vintage names that are still current

Leslie: Naming is a focus for all categories…sheets are named after musical terms, matelasses and coverlets from proper names of people or places, primarily from countries of origin (PT, IT, US). For Modern Heirloom, we use southern names inspired by the past that are still used today AND convey the personality of the product.

Model wearing white sleeveless night shirt inside a greenhouse with a fountain in the background

How would you define the Modern Heirloom style?

Linda: Timeless – updated heritage pieces.

Manuel: Old world designs inspiration updated as a collectible for the future

Leslie: The style itself is modern southern vintage; the design and quality is heirloom worthy. Inspired by the Peacock Alley heritage of the all-white bed and Mary Ella’s collection of antique linens, the designs are characterized by simple beauty, texture, and artisan detail.

Leslie Eades, Manuel Daboub and Linda Gruntorad, the creative minds behind Peacock Alley's Modern Heirloom collection

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