Steel Magnolia & Josh in Houston

The front entry of Kuhl-Linscomb in Houston

So damn awesome and beautiful to be in Houston today for the last Silver Home Tour stop of the month at Kuhl Linscomb. Chatting with all customers who are sharing stories of their experiences with Peacock Alley - everyone here knows about us which is very cool.

Guests outside the Peacock Alley Airstream in Houston

They also want me to 'Peacock Alley' their airstreams if they buy one.  I'm going to start this new collection of Peacock Alley Airstreams that I will do in a variety of unique ways.  My mind is in obvious over drive with new products lines being sold on our site right next to the bedding and bath.

Also, never knew I could be happy in a parking lot!!!  I slept in the trailer last night (best night sleep ever) and showered in the Kuhl Linscomb retail store.  I want to live as a constant mooch where I can always plug in and shower in a near by facility or better yet a creek or lake...  How damn cool!!!

-Nature boy
Josh Needleman

Visiting with new friends outside the Peacock Alley airstream in Houston

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