With Holidays Near, Decorate with Cheer!


Holiday decorating is divine whether your style is simple, elegant, formal or refined. Here are a few idea starters for decking your halls, walls, well, it all:

  • Fresh plants or small pine trees as centerpieces or small bouquets of fresh flowers mingled with ornaments of any kind
  • Stockings used at each place setting to hold silverware
  • Mingle Mother Nature with holiday decor, i.e. pinson wood, pine cones, grasses, beach treasures, or try making fresh wreaths with fruits or vegetables

Remember, you make your house decorating rules. Be creative and try new twists on your old ideas.

Be sure to follow our Holiday Homestead board on Pinterest for the latest in what we are loving about interior decor this holiday season.

Screenshot of the Holidy Homestead Pinterest board with ideas for food, decor, and more

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