5 Simple Steps to Happy, Healthy Relationships


Whether you’re in a relationship, married, single or looking for love, here are five tips to begin to turn any relationship around from ordinary to everything you always wanted!

  1. Make the Health of your Relationships a Priority - Everything begins with desire. How deep our desires run determine our priorities. When you make the health of your relationships a priority, you can expect them to improve. This shift of focus will reveal to you solutions that previously you didn’t see because your attention was elsewhere. Re-commit to this priority everyday. Wake up and say to yourself, “Healthy, loving relationships are my top priority today.” Then watch as ideas flood your imagination to make it so. 
  2. Elevate your Relationship with Yourself - Happiness is an inside job. Only we can allow ourselves to experience joy and moments of satisfaction and contentment in relationships. We can elevate our relationship with ourselves by finding a saying that soothes us, excites us, and reminds us of what is really true in moments of uncertainty. Remember, that we are the gatekeepers of our own happiness. When we elevate and mend our relationship with ourselves, all the world around us benefits. And it opens us up to receive even more love from others.
  3. Understand Men and Women Process Information Differently - While writing The Man Whisperer, I interviewed several doctors and specialists to explain the differences between the male and the female brains. What instantly struck me is how men and women process information and requests differently based on the biological differences in our brains. So, how can we be truly understood? What is the solution? The answer is to learn how to “language” requests in a way that the other sex’s brain can process and deliver. When we do that, our chance of getting what we desire in our relationships expands exponentially.
  4. Be in the Now - We are always growing and changing. Change is truly the only constant in our lives. When we live moment-by-moment in the “now”, we can find pockets of happiness that strung together create a lifetime of joy together. The more we try to not repeat past mistakes, the more we think about them, and unintentionally dwell in the past. So, if you want to “relive the past”, make sure that you are relishing the most delightful moments of your relationship. Then shift it to the “now” and see how you can create more moments like that ... “now."
  5. Be in the New - Indeed, variety is the spice of life. Our brains (especially the male brain!) are turned on by variety and new experiences. The more you experience things together for the first time, the more it bonds you and your partner to forge a long-lasting, fun, sexy and healthy relationship. At least once a week, discover something new together. You’ll be amazed how at much closer you become!

Donna Sozio is a dating expert, communication guru and author of the hit dating book The Man Whisperer:  A Gentle, Results-Oriented Guide to Communication (Adams Media 2011). Donna teaches women what they need to know to meet men, keep men and how to have better relationships. Her sound relationship advice has received hundreds of thousands of hits on MSN Video and she has appeared in/on the Tyra Banks Show, Early Show, Fox News, Good Day LA, GMTV, Seventeen Magazine, Yahoo! Personals, Match.com, Lavalife.com and many more. Follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.

Donna Sozio: dating expert, communication guru and author of the hit dating book, "The Man Whisperer:  A Gentle, Results-Oriented Guide to Communication"

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