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My business partner Clara Hendon and I both went to Rollins College with Leslie and Jason Needleman, Jason is Peacock Alley's CEO and president. Little did we know that those years of bonding at keg parties were actually leading up to one of the greatest brand alliances of all time! Ok … maybe that is an exaggeration, but when Hillary Thomas Designs teamed up with Peacock Alley, some pretty amazing things started happening!

About two years ago, Clara and I got the brilliant (well, WE thought it was brilliant!) idea of bringing back the “husband pillow” when we read a blog post by the fabulous “Peak of Chic” about how these dreary pillows were due for a come back.

Elsie de Wolfe at her home in 1950 with her chintz husband pillow

It was really the picture of Elsie de Wolfe with her chintz husband pillow that made us realize their time had come to be reinvented! We wanted to make them preppy, chic, monogrammed and totally irresistible. Enter Jason and Leslie. We floated the idea by them and they loved it.

Not long after, with our designs and their excellent fabrics and craftsmanship, we launched “My Boyfriend’s Back” pillows on One Kings Lane. Three days and hundreds of orders later, we realized that we had landed on a great partnership!

A white husband pillow with pink embroidery

For the next sale on One Kings Lane, we added a line of dog beds to the line. After all, dogs are people too.

A navy dog bed with bright green trim

Next up for Hillary Thomas Designs and Peacock Alley?

Our new “Bollywood Pillow Collection” – a vibrant and unique pillow assortment inspired by the colors of India. Whether color is YOUR THING, or all you can commit to is a throw pillow here and there, I really think these pillows will look amazing in any home!!! Pictured are a few of the gems in the collection.

Yellow throw pillow with bright pink embroidery Hot pink husband pillow with gold embroidery and detailing Decorative pillow in fresh and bright green with soft pink accents Aqua oblong pillow with a wide green stripe and navy accents

Be sure to save the date – April 20th on One Kings Lane.

Oh yeah … Fiat Lux, y’all! XO - Hillary

Hillary Thomas, founder of Hillary Thomas Designs

Hillary is the inspiration and original founder of Hillary Thomas Designs. Ten years ago, she "officially" took the plunge (but she's been decorating her entire life!) and launched a traditional interior design business in Santa Monica, CA. The business has evolved from a successful interior design firm into a vibrant product and lifestyle company.

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