How to Make the Most of Holiday Season Downtime


Whether you are expecting a house full of guests this holiday season or you are just spending time with a few loved ones, it's time to slow down.

Truly enjoy those who mean the most to you. Balance the hustle and bustle with quality domestic downtime to give your holidays presence and meaning.

This holiday season, resolve to:

  • Reconnect. Really reconnect. Have one on one time with your children. Have a long conversation with your best friend. Have a snuggle with your sweetie. Hold your loved ones close and let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Gather your packs. Make family meals an event. Have a pajama and movie night in your den. Take a group walk with the dog on a sunny afternoon. Have a family game night. Togetherness needn't be elaborate to make memories.
  • Slow down. Sometimes the best activity is no activity. Be Still. Unplug. Reflect.

This holiday season, hold your loved ones close. It's what the holidays are truly about, after all.

Photo courtesy of Heather Hawkins Photography

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