Make Your Resolutions Reality


As we slowly wind down from holiday celebrations and merriment, our thoughts turn inward to the new year.  What can we do to make ourselves happier? More content? More productive? From these reflections come resolutions – promises we make to ourselves.

Make your resolutions reality this year. Decide what is important to you and make the small changes necessary to get you there. Small change begets bigger change, it is often a domino effect!

Have you resolved to get healthier this year? Make some easy switches. Substitute your morning coffee for some green tea. Snack on a crisp, delicious apple when you are feeling hungry.  Grab your dog and take a walk.

Modern bed in white and linen with a brightly colored flower arrangement on the night stand

Have you resolved to have more down time? Turn your phone off. Read that book. Take a long, hot bath and ask not to be disturbed. Go to bed early or sleep late. Let go of the guilt, you deserve to be remembered in the equation.

Have you resolved to spend more time with friends and family? Call your best friend and set up a recurring monthly dinner, you will be surprised at how quickly it rolls around. Grab one of your children and treat them to some one-on-one time, they will eat up the attention! Plan that vacation you’ve always wanted to take your family on.

What are you waiting for? The important thing about resolutions is the resolve… so make it happen. Every small step leads you to where you ultimately want to be.

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