Men At Work: Levi

How Levi Beaty unplugs: Unplug the TV, unblug the computer, turn off the phone and escape the old-fashioned way: a good book..

Name: Levi Beaty

Years with Peacock Alley: 7

Hobbies or Interests: Interior design, movies, sketching, writing, reading

Favorite Peacock Alley Product & Why: Our Soprano sheets – they are soft, silky and low maintenance … the perfect combination!

Favorite Charity & Why: Dwell with Dignity – I love seeing old furniture given new life with fun finishes and fabrics, AND the new life and outlook that those pieces give to families struggling with poverty.

How Do You Relax: French bread + sharp cheddar + red wine + novel = Happy Levi

Most Romantic Evening: It had been a particularly stressful day on the sales floor, and I headed home with a singular purpose: a hot bath, a glass of red wine and bed. Imagine my surprise when I open my door to find that my significant other (to whom I’d talked during my lunch break) had come over, let himself in, tidied up the house and was in the middle of cooking a fantastic meal for me, for no other reason than that I’d had a bad day. Surprises just because … now that’s romance.

Sleeper Profile: Most definitely a Cuddler

Can’t Live Without: Good friends, good linens, good literature, good movies and good air conditioning

How do You Unplug: Unplug the TV, unplug the computer, turn off the phone, turn off the TV and escape the old-fashioned way: a good book.

What is Your Legacy in the company: Jack Of All Trades

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