Our Airstream "Steel Magnolia" On The Road to Atlanta - Day One!


The word of the day is RAINY!!!

We dealt with rain from the moment we left our Peacock Alley Home in Dallas all the way to Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Every once in awhile we had moments of beaming sunshine that lit the roads, trees, fields, farms, and most importantly highlighting the potholes to dodge on Interstate 20 going East.  Regardless, we are having fun.

The Peacock Alley Airstream trailer, Steel Magnolia, ready for the journey to Atlanta Mary Ella Gabler and Josh Needleman pose in front of the Steel Magnolia Airstream on a rainy day

We made it through Louisiana (Duck Dynasty Country... specifically West Monroe).  There's not much for us to see from the Interstate but restaurant, home, and discount chains, but we know there is beauty surrounding us.

We so enjoyed each other's company, conversations with depth, and Mama's snacks ('Jason Tuna Fish' wrapped in corn tortillas, apple slices, and Kind Bars)...

We made a pact that we would not stop for anything unhealthy, focus on being frugal, and drink lots of water.  The combination creates stops only at travel stations and welcoming centers in Louisiana and Mississippi since Steel Magnolia (as our Airstream has been dubbed) is not a mobile port-o-let for anyone!

Josh Needleman and Mary Ella Gabler pose on the side of the highway with the Airstream and a Welcome to Louisiana sign in the background

We wrapped up our drive in Vicksburg, Mississippi ... The Delta.  

The chosen RV location for Steel Magnolia ironically is 'Magnolia RV Resort'.  It was meant to be.  We spontaneously stopped here (one exit after crossing the Mississippi River) and that is where we met Tony, the manager, who immediately nicknamed me 'Know Nothing' for not being able to answer any question he asked me about my trailer.  That cracked him up as he asked me if this was the first time I decided to do anything like this.  Little does he know.

Mary Ella Gabler makes a phone call from the RV park while surveying her surroundings

Mama and I toasted in our flooded swamp RV slot with Balvenie Single Malt Scotch in dixie cups with Squrirrel Brand nuts and Sushi.  Who else is experiencing this great fortune this Tuesday evening?

We are solving the world's challenges, speaking of opportunities and being extremely visionary to say the least.  Best of all, we are understanding and appreciating the simple things in life like each other.  Very cool and the fortune is felt and expressed!

Quote of the day from Mama as we crossed the Mississippi River:
"I never knew tug boats had such large bows."  Hilarious!

Josh Needleman, Vice President of Business Development joined Peacock Alley in 1994.  His 20 year tenure includes Customer service, Internal Sales, Sales Rep, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager VP, Private Label VP, and VP of Product Development and Global Sourcing. He is now the Executive Vice President.  His role is to be an in-house advisor to improve the overall experience from products to service leveraging his vast experience. Josh graduated from The University of Miami with a degree in Advertising and Psychology with a minor in Marketing.  His is married and has  three children.

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