Paying Tribute to The Classic White Bed


On Thanksgiving Day revealed its new look by launching a new consumer website with a cool, sleek image and lots of fun features!

To celebrate of our newly made-over site, Peacock Alley is paying tribute to the Classic White Bed and sharing the meaning and endless possibilities an All White Bed brings with their beloved customers and followings.

A romantically styled all white luxury bed

White in design often has been a tenet of minimalism and simplification. Inspired white also represents expansive magical thinking, openness, unlimited possibility. White symbolizes a blank canvas—signifying a sense of new beginnings. White reflects an emerging need for clarity and to grasp >what is truly important.

Over the years, an All White Bed has become known as Peacock Alley's trademark look and we encourage our customers to use the All White Bed as a blank canvas to add in a little piece of you.  Throw on some fun decorative pillows, or maybe even a bed scarf or cozy throw and the end of the bed?  This is your chance to reveal your inner creativity and make your bed a true reflection of YOU!

Make your White Bed a place you never want to leave...

Tip # 1: Accessorize!

Even the smallest hint of color or texture can make your bed pop!  Just by adding a colorful, funky pillow with a cool design or bold throw at the end of the bed can turn a neutral setting into a chic retreat oozing style and flair.

A stack of richly colored knit blankets folded on top of a wicker hamper

Tip # 2: Personalize It!

Nothing says "you" more than a monogrammed pillow or sham with inspirational message that you love like "Live", "Love", "Dream" or better yet - your name.

White bed with luxurious textures and green coverlet and throw pillow

Tip # 3: Simplify!

Sometimes less is more.  You don't necessarily have to add a bunch of pillows in different sizes and shapes to make your bed stand out.  By adding a bold, vibrant print in small pieces you can accomplish so much more.  Not only will you achieve that modern design look everyone craves but you can also switch out your look more often, at a minimal cost!  That's the beauty of the White Bed - your bed accessories can change with your mood, style and trend but the "All White" canvas is timeless.

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  • so pretty! I always love the idea of a white bed, however my dogs spend 90% of their day jumping on and off of it so I've had to adjust to darker colors.

    carrie leber

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