Towel Play in Time for Labor Day


Come clean.

You take your bath linens very personal. Your significant other and you likely use two completely different sets of towels. We have heard stories.

It isn't all about textural bliss. These things are also important in selecting the ultimate bath linen:

  • Absorbency - The main function of a towel is to dry you off so this is obviously important.
  • Aesthetic - Some choose to add color and others prefer a neutral hue.
  • Drying time - You want your wrap to be dry the next time you use it.
  • Longevity - A well-made bath towel will have minimal shrinkage over time. The ideal powder room piece will keep its fabric strength and appearance after you care for it.

We have a timeless affair with the bath. Here are some of our sumptuous picks:

Stack of folded white towels with peacock feather texturing
  • Astoria is an homage to our namesake. This modern towel is adorned with a subtle peacock feather graphic. It is made of 600-gram cotton and reverses to terry.
  • Highly sustainable and more absorbent than most other natural fibers, Bamboo is luxuriously soft and stylishly beautiful.
  • Wrap and revel in the ultimate luxury with Jubilee. This textural granite weave is 100% long staple cotton.
  • If you think they look plush wait until you feel the Park Avenue towel. This gorgeous modern velour jacquard reverses to terry to create an extraordinary hand and maximum absorption.
    Here's what Good Housekeeping Magazine had to say about this classic favorite, "Fade Resistant - For towels that won't lose their vibrancy, consider Peacock Alley Park Avenue Towels. The elegant cotton absorbs well and dries quickly, and looked nearly new after multiple washes. although it shrank about three inches in both width and length." 
Ivory colored towels embroidered with Mr and Mrs Colorful bath towels, rolled and stacked Plush bath towels in a modern velour jacquard with a swirling texture

Go ahead and indulge. Wishing you bath towel bliss.

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