Tricks to Keep You Warm and Toasty This Winter

Throw pillows and blankets in a chunky knit pattern

Look around.  The heavy coats, the bundled scarves, the can't-shake-it-chill ... it is decidedly winter.  So whether you love it or merely tolerate it, it's time to huddle up and hunker down for a few months of cold. Keep yourself warm and toasty with these tips:

  • Dress the part.  Now is the time to pull out your sweaters, your woolen socks, your cable-knit scarves, and your heavy coats.  Dress in layers and shed them as the situation warrants.  Consider the temperature before you leave the house and succumb to actually wearing your winter wear, because there's nothing worse than being too cold!
  • Stay active.  It's tempting to hibernate when it's cold because your couch and a warm blanket seem more inviting, but the advantages of regular exercise are too important to abandon when your workouts become inconvenient.  So lace up, dress up and get moving.
  • Enhance your bedding.  Now is the perfect time to layer your bed. Start with your sheeting, add a plush blanket and pull up your down comforter (we can help with that!).  Make your bed a warm, soft place to fall every night and your sleep will thank you.
  • Warmth begets warmth. Make some soup.  Drink some hot tea or cocoa.  Take a hot bath.  Throw on your luxurious robe and fuzzy slippers.  There's no quicker way to shake a chill.
  • And lastly, enjoy the cold. Appreciate the change of season and the subtle changes in your rhythm.  Bundle up and take a walk, it will get your heart pumping! Always wanted to try a cold weather sport?  Do it! Don't let the cold limit your energy or enthusiasm. 

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