Ways to Feel Relaxed and Joyful During the Busiest Time of Year


It's holiday time. Oh yes, it is. The. Holidays. Are. Here.

What do the holidays mean for you? Gatherings, merriment, memories and, for many of us, feelings of tiredness.  This year, resolve to relax and enjoy your holidays and leave the stress out of the equation.

A plate full of mashed potatoes and beef bourguignon – image courtesy of Sunday Suppers

Here's how:

  • Make the focus making memories. What is truly important? What will you remember joyfully? Focus on those things and let go of everything you do out of obligation or anything that makes you feel like you are "just going through the motions." Give of yourself in a way that brings you happiness. And don't over-commit.
  • Be present. Fully enjoy these holiday moments and the people around you. Show up free of expectation and be open to what may follow. Breathe. Slow down. Listen.
  • Take time out. Listen to your body. If you are feeling tense, take a break. Take a walk. Have a workout. Have a massage. Have a cocktail. Have a laugh. Whatever you do to decompress, do it and regain your equilibrium.
  • Sleep. Make your bedroom a haven and get good, quality sleep.  (We are happy to help in this department.)
  • Be thankful. Really thankful. For your life. For your friends. For your family. Everything else is just icing on the cake.
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Image courtesy of Sunday Suppers

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