What Inspires Peacock Alley?


Peacock Alley finds inspiration from the simple experiences in our daily life to the fascinating travels around the world. Fashion, architecture and nature influence Peacock Alley’s design elements. But deep in the heart of Texas lies a special retreat that pushes the creative needle just a little bit further…

It is place of escape, silence and inner peace that reveals a story of tradition, heritage and family. It’s the Peacock Alley family farm – a place where everything makes sense and where Peacock Alley’s best ideas are born.

A farmhouse and outbuildings tucked among the trees in Granbury, TX

The surrounding natural terrain and lake waters, shadows and textures, the sound of nature. These elements spark creativity and passion for all things beautiful.

dry fall leaves covering the ground Black and white shot of the top of a tree stump

The Peacock Alley family farm has been in the Needleman family for over 30 years. It was originally bought as a raw piece of land by Mary Ella and Ray Gabler in 1980 to form their vision for family respite. Mary Ella’s two sons Jason and Josh Needleman, Peacock Alley’s CEO and Vice President of product development spent much of their childhood building the farm and crafting it to become what it is today.

“It’s my temple,” says Josh Needleman, Vice President of product development. “I have so many wonderful childhood memories of the farm since every little detail of the farm was built by us.”

“The best part about it is that we now get to step back and see our children experience the same joy we did at the farm,” says Josh.

The farm is not just a city get away for the Needleman family, but a gathering place for family and friends.

The life-long memories from the farm are now reflected in much of Peacock Alley’s signature collection. The textures from the natural elements of the farm - the oaks, wild grasses, leaves, sand dunes - appear throughout Peacock Alley’s matelasses, textured blankets and towel collections.

A stack of pillows in shams sit on an old three legged stool in the grass by the edge of a pond

Our love for percale sheeting came to life while spending summers at the farm - the need for cool, crisp sheeting during the Texas heat. Percale sheets are now a core staple of Peacock Alley’s basic sheeting line.

The Peacock Alley family continues to share the same amount of passion for the farm as they do their own company – both are places where they learn and grow.

“The farm is an evolution,” says Josh. “Every year we make addition and changes and I see the exact same thing happening at Peacock Alley - it just keeps getting better.”

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