How to Wash Linen:
Guide to Cleaning Linen Fabric

How to Wash Linen: Guide to Cleaning Linen Fabric

While many people are intimidated when it comes to cleaning fine linen fabric and how to wash linen sheets and towels, there is really no need to be nervous at all! Caring for and cleaning linen fabric is not any more difficult than cleaning your other luxury bedding items. Whether you need to freshen up your luxury towels, fine linen blankets, or luxury bedding sets, cleaning your linen fabric is a breeze with a few tips and pointers from the luxury linen professionals at Peacock Alley, who are often asked for the best linen care tips.

Since you have made the savvy decision to invest in furnishing your home with high-quality linens like the luxury bedding and bath products offered at Peacock Alley, you will certainly want to learn a little bit more about the coveted fabric and how to properly care for your fine linen bedding sets and sheets made from it.

What Linen is Made Of?

It may surprise you to learn that linen is technically considered to be a vegetable! Sounds a little crazy, but this classification holds true because it is made from the stalks of the flax plant. This sustainable crop has been used to make fabric for over 6,000 years and is still one of the most coveted and durable fabrics today.

With its fine texture, rich look, and easy to care for qualities, it’s no wonder linen has been such a popular fabric all over the world since ancient times.

Cleaning Linen Fabric

While many people assume that linen towels, sheets, and other fine linen bedding must be dry-cleaned for proper care, this is not true at all. In fact, any product made from linen that has been properly manufactured and treated can easily be hand washed or even cleaned in the washing machine.

How to Wash Linen Sheets

One of the best features about linen is that it becomes softer with each wash. Be sure to wash linen items in lukewarm or cold water using by either hand washing or the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Both cleaning methods are acceptable and will not stretch or shrink your fine linen products at all. Be extra careful when choosing laundry detergents and fabric softeners with harsh chemicals though, as they can damage linen fabric and shorten the lifespan of your favorite luxury linen sheets, towels, and blankets. Also, be sure not to add any type of bleach or whiteners to the water, as fibers can be damaged by these harsh products.

To properly wash linen sheets, begin by prepping the laundry. Make sure all ties, buttons, and zippers are secure. Allow enough space in the washer or sink to rinse properly, and do not wash fine linens with heavy items like denim, large blankets, or towels.

Since Peacock Alley has a stellar reputation for selling high-quality, luxury linens, we are often asked for our best linen care tips. We are proud to say that we have worked with one of the top linen care names in the business to bring you our very own line of Le Blanc detergents, linen water and linen wash, specially formulated to keep your linens looking and smelling their best.

Popular Questions About Cleaning Linen Fabric

Can  You Put Linen in the Dryer?

A really popular question often asked when it comes to cleaning high-quality linens and luxury linen blankets is if you can dry linen fabric, like fine linen sheets and bedding. Yes, your luxury linen can even be tumble-dried on low temperatures. The key to properly drying fine linen is to promptly remove items from the dryer while they are still slightly damp. Simply hang the items or lay them flat to complete the drying process. Complete air drying is also a great way to dry linen fabric, which adds softness to the linen fabric.

Does Linen Shrink?

Yes, linen does tend to shrink a little bit, especially if you wash it in hot water temperatures. While some linen bedding sets are available to be pre-washed, most are not, and you can expect them to shrink somewhat after the first wash – in any temperature water. After the linen items have been washed the first time, further shrinking should not be an issue during future washings with lower temperature water settings.  You can expect Peacock Alley linen sheets to shrink by about 3% during the first wash.

How to Keep Linen from Wrinkling?

The only real downside to fine linen fabric is that it does get wrinkled fairly quickly. Due to its natural fibers, unfortunately your luxury linen will wrinkle, crease, and crumple a bit. A mini spray bottle is helpful for controlling wrinkles in linen. A little spritz of water and a quick smoothing of the fabric with your hands as it dries will often do the trick. A portable steamer is also helpful when it comes to learning how to keep linen from wrinkling.

How to Iron Linen Sheets

While many people embrace the natural creases in linen sheets, as it gives them a soft feel and lovely textured look, sometimes you may have an occasion where your linen sheets simply need to be ironed. It is best to iron linen sheets while the fabric of the bedding is still damp. A medium-hot iron on the steam setting works best. Be sure to iron your lighter colored fine linens on both sides, but the darker linen items should only be ironed on the reverse side of the material.

Learning How to Wash Linen and Properly Care for Your Luxury Bedding is Key to Longevity

It is so important to understand the special techniques of how to wash linen bedding and linen blankets to ensure your luxury linen items last as long as possible. If your precious linen bedding can be properly protected and cared for with special gentle linen care and linen wash products, they will remain fresh, soft, and crisp for many years to come.