How to Choose the Best Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom Style

How to Choose the Best Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom Style

Not only do shower curtains perform the important task in our bathrooms of giving us privacy and keeping our floors dry after bathing, but they can be a huge design element as well. Designer shower curtains can offer a pop of color, enhance a design theme, and let us quickly change the entire mood of a room in minutes. 
We have gathered some important tips to help you choose the best shower curtain for your bathroom - including everything you need to know before you start shopping for a new designer shower curtain. The tips include things like the types of curtains available, material, standard size, and more. Check out our helpful Shower Curtain Buying Guide to make choosing your designer shower curtain a breeze.

Shower Curtain Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Shower Curtain

When choosing a shower curtain, there are some important things to keep in mind so that you pick the perfect one for your bathroom. You should know the dimensions, style, and fabric type. Here are some tips to help.


Shower Curtain Dimensions

The standard shower curtain size is 72” x 72”, which allows the curtain length to extend all the way down to the floor to cover the bathtub. Custom showers and baths may require you to measure your space to see if a standard size will fit properly. If not, an extra-wide shower curtain may do the trick.

When measuring, please note that for a standard size shower curtain to fit your bath, three additional inches of length are needed to be factored in to account for the height of the curtain rod and shower rings. In addition, your shower curtain should extend at least 12 inches beyond the sides of your shower so that water will not escape from the edges.

What Kind of Shower Curtain is Best?

There are a variety of different types of shower curtains available for your home bathroom. Check out the benefits of each type to help decide which will work best for you.

  • Cotton - A popular choice when it comes to choosing accessories for your bathroom, cotton shower curtains are a true classic. Cotton adds an upscale designer feel to your bathroom and is super easy to care for. Cotton shower curtains are available in many different colors and prints, as well as a variety of styles to fit your decorating preference whether it be casual, modern, classic, or even retro.
  • Decorative – If your bathroom is in need of a new theme or décor, decorative shower curtains are a great choice to inexpensively add a ton of style to your space. Designer decorative curtains are usually made with high-quality fabrics like rayon and silk and also often have hand-stitched decorations or embellishments. These curtains are as useful as they are pretty! Simply pair your beautiful decorative curtains with a water-resistant shower liner for perfect coverage.
  • Vinyl – A popular low-cost and easy to maintain option, vinyl shower curtains come in a wide variety of different prints, colors, patterns, and styles. The vinyl material is a natural water repellent, meaning there are less issues to deal with when it comes to mold and mildew. While not as classy and elegant as cotton or other fabric shower curtains, vinyl curtains are definitely the most affordable and easiest to care for.
  • Hookless Curtains – Perfect for contemporary homes with ceiling-track curtain rods, hookless shower curtains are created with built-in grommets so they can easily slip over your shower curtain rod, with no need for curtain rings. This modern style of shower curtains often have built-in liners and come in unique patterns and colors.
  • Microfiber – Easy to care for and ultra-soft microfiber shower curtains are a great choice for your home. The microfiber works well to wick away moisture and it evaporates quickly, keeping mold and mildew at bay. The weight of microfiber fabric is much heavier than typical lightweight shower curtains, so this makes them especially stable when you have higher water pressure or have a vent in your bathroom that could move the curtains while bathing.
  • Extra-Wide Curtains These over-sized shower curtains are extremely useful if you have a custom or off shaped shower or bathtub. These wider curtains also work well for hanging shower rods like the ceiling-track type that hangs over the bathtub. These larger curtains also give great coverage around your bathtub to avoid wet floors and bath mats.

Do I Need a Shower Curtain Liner?

While it is not absolutely necessary, it is a good idea to use a curtain liner when using certain types of shower curtains in your home. For example, since cotton quickly absorbs moisture, it makes sense to pair your cotton shower curtain with a vinyl or polyester liner to help reduce mold and mildew. Liners also work well with decorative curtains that are not often water-resistant, as well as or other synthetic shower curtain types, including nylon and polyester.

How to Hang a Shower Curtain

Traditional shower curtains are typically hung via rings that slip through the “button holes” in your designer shower curtain. You can choose rings to match your bathroom’s theme or décor, which will be needed to hang the curtain on the shower rod. Modern décor trends have given us ceiling-track hanging curtain rods, which are used with hookless shower curtains that are made with large built-in grommets, with no need for curtain rings. Simply slide the curtain rod through the grommet holes to hang your designer curtain. 

Shower Curtain Care

How to Wash Your Shower Curtain and Other Care Tips

Since your shower curtain is exposed to water on a daily basis, it does require that you care for it properly to maintain freshness and longevity. Here are some pointers on how to wash and properly maintain the shower curtains in your home.

  • Let Them Dry – It is important to let your curtain dry completely between each bath or shower. After bathing, spread the shower curtain open and let it drape outside of the bathtub to dry faster. Using the fan in your bathroom to reduce the humidity also helps with faster drying.
  • Wash Regularly – Washing your shower curtain once a month is suggested to keep it fresh and mold free. We recommend that you follow the care instructions provided on the label. If there are no instructions, we find that most fabric curtains, are fine to machine wash using cold water and a mild detergent. Le Blanc Linen Wash has a neutral pH balance that makes the detergent safe to use with 100% cotton curtains, like those in Peacock Alley’s luxury shower curtain collection. Use a very low cycle in the dryer or line dry to avoid major shrinking.
  • Tough Stain Removal – To remove mildew build-up or tough stains on shower curtains, spray the stains (while the curtain is hanging) with your favorite stain remover. Let sit for 30 minutes then clean with a brush and rinse.
  • Rotate Your Shower Curtains Each Month - The best way to ensure you have a fresh and clean shower curtain is to rotate it each month. This requires you to have two shower curtains for each bathroom. When you take one curtain down, the other curtain can be hung in the bathroom while you wash and dry the dirty one for use next month. If you rotate your curtains on a monthly basis, you are guaranteed to have a fresh and clean shower curtain for every use!

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